Rhode Island Wedding Locations

Gay Wedding Locations In The State Of Rhode Island

Rhode Island is one of the few states which does not have any type of gay marriage ban. For 8 years out of 9 there has been a gay marriage bill introduced, but has never made it out of Rhode Islands House of Representatives. With a neighboring state approving gay marriage (Massachusetts), Rhode Island might not be too far behind.

Massachusetts is waiting for a clarification from Rhode Island, on their law. If given the green light, Massachusetts will than be able to legally marry Rhode Island residents. Currently Massachusetts law forbids marry anyone who's home state will not find the marriage legal.

Although there is nothing clear cut, if it's legal for gays to marry in Rhode Island, there are still some locations to have a commitment ceremony. Listed below are some of these locations.

  • Ocean, Home & Garden Weddings: Gay friendly, Donald offers you a event location, or he can even come to you. Offering a beautiful garden ceremony, or even one at a light house, during a beautiful sunset. He will arrange the ceremony to suit your needs and wishes. Located in Wakefield, RI. Contact Donald Towne for pricing packages and availability. Phone: 1-401-789-7459.