Wedding Planning

Doing It Yourself Weddings

Many couples would like to plan their own weddings. But, are afraid of all the stress and little odds and ends that come with planning a wedding. Actually, planning your own wedding can be less stressful and more fun than most couples realize. There are some key elements that can help you reduce the stress and uneasiness of planning your own wedding. Some of these elements can be as little as exercising daily, finding good service providers, and delegating some tasks to friends and family.

Gay Wedding Planning

You've come this far and know you want to build the wedding of your dreams, but what is next? Where do we begin?

I find most gay couples jump ahead of themselves when planning their gay wedding. They usually are shopping for wedding invites, with a date in mind, before confirming an officiate, or even finding a location for the reception or ceremony. Generally, it all works out in the end, but most couples need to ask themselves these basic questions:

  • How much money are we wanting to spend on our wedding? Do we have immediate access to this money? If not how can we finance it?
    • Credit Cards
    • Personal Loans
    • Wedding Loans
    • Family & Friends
  • What type of wedding and reception do we want to have? Do we want a small, medium or large wedding? Do we want it in the daytime or nighttime? Also is it going to be a formal or informal wedding?
  • What time of the year is best for the wedding? Spring, summer, or fall? Consider your work schedules, the weather, and guest availability.
  • Are you both in agreement on what this day represents?
  • Do you have the tasks and ideas delegated to the right person? Does everyone know what their tasks are in planning the wedding?

Hiring a Gay Wedding Planner?

Some couples may find it easier to hire a wedding planner to organize their wedding. When deciding on a wedding planner, here are a list of services essential when deciding what wedding planner to pick.

  • Do they offer a licensed minister with their package?
  • Do they offer a keepsake of your vows?
  • Do they offer some form of certification of your marriage?
  • Do they offer assistance in with marriage licensing, and coordination fees?
  • Does a wedding photographer come with the package?
  • Do they offer assistance in all pre-wedding arrangements?

Here is a list of other great wedding planners.

  • My Wedding Organizer - Wedding Planning Software My Wedding Organizer wedding planning software helps you manage your guest list, budget, seating, to do list, and allows you to print your own invitations. Download the free trial. Download the free trial!
  • Wise Woman Wedding Coaching Coaching that empowers couples to create their unique wedding vision. They offer tips and also have a free consultation.
  • Lindsay Hamilton Events They offer event professionals who will advise you on what decisions need to be made, aid with formulating a realistic budget, and make all the necessary preparations, so that the event is flawless.
  • Aloha Maui Gay Weddings. A excellent get-away for you and your new partner. They offer excellent packages for a great wedding and honeymoon.