Gay Wedding Rings & Engagement Bands

A Brief History of Wedding Rings

A brief history of wedding rings. The original wedding rings are given credit to the ancient Egyptians. The reason both the Romans and Egyptians prior to them, wore the wedding band on the forth finger of the left hand, was rooted in their belief that the "love vein", the vena amorist, ran directly to the heart and thereby connected the two.

Buying a Modern Wedding Ring

Today, wedding bands can be found or custom made in a variety of different precious medals, like gold, platinum and silver. Also wedding bands can be made out of alternative metals, like stainless steel, or titanium. Consider carefully when considering a alternative metal like titanium or stainless steel, the option to resize your wedding band at a future time is greatly diminished or eliminated entirely.

Precious Metal Wedding Bands & Gem Stones

Deciding what wedding band is right for you sometimes involves economics. What ring can I get for my dollar? If your budget allows for it, gold wedding bands are the way to go. 24 karat gold, or white gold wedding bands with diamonds are usually the more favored and expensive bands to purchase. When researching prices of rings, you can see the true value of gold and other metals at US Money Reserve. They show all current prices on metals so that you know the true value of what you're getting.

Here is a list of wedding and engagement bands for gays and lesbians.

  • 24 karat gold: This is the typical wedding band of most gay men. Most gay men lean towards thicker plain styled gay wedding rings of this high purity (99.0% to 99.9% pure gold - depending on local laws) precious metal. Learn more about gold karat rating, fineness, and gold content percentages at the World Gold Council.
  • 18 karat gold: Slightly more pure (75% gold purity) than the more common 14 karat gold.
  • 14 karat gold: This gold is of a lesser quality (58.5% gold purity) but is definitely a choice for lots of couples who are on a budget.
  • White gold: If you choose white gold, it falls a little cheaper than the typical gold rings.
  • Silver: When the word budget is somewhere in your vows this is the affordable ring for you.
  • Titanium wedding bands: They are one of the cheaper alternative metals you can choose when trying to decide what kind of wedding band is right for you and your partner.
  • Platinum wedding rings: This is one of the more expensive alternative metals you can choose. Often times this type of metal can run higher than 24 karat gold rings.
  • Diamonds: If you want to spice things up and really say I love you diamonds can improve the look and feel of your gay wedding ring. Diamonds come in different colors ranging from clear, pink, champaign yellow, blue, green, and black. There are complex ways to determine the worth of a diamond. Some of these are listed below:
    • Karat weight: Price tends to increase logarithmically with stone size. Many small stones on one ring typically will cost less than one large stone. (Alot of couples choose between 1/4 Kt. to 1/2 Kt. when choosing a wedding band. But once you get to a full 1 Kt. price can increase drastically, dependant on the diamond itself.)
    • Cut style: Some cuts require a larger and higher quality original stone.
    • Color & clarity: Scare colors and clear stones are priced at a premium to more common colors and flawed or slightly discolored stones.
    • Blemishes: Slot of blemishes are created when the diamond was being created, but most blemishes occur when they are being cut and from just everyday wear and tear. Prominent blemishes can detract from a diamond's value. (although some blemishes may detract from a diamonds value, some blemishes may be used as a focal point within the diamond and may not necessarily detract from its value.)