Massachusetts Wedding Locations

Gay Wedding Locations In The State Of Massachusetts

Thanks to the Massachusetts Supreme Court, this state recognizes gay marriages, and gives gay couples the same rights as a heterosexual married couple. You can read more on the specific rights of gay couples in Massachusetts here. Below you will find a few gay wedding locations. As it is the only state in the union to allow gay marriages, there are far too many locations to mention. Listed are some finer wedding locations throughout Massachusetts.

  • Milky Way Lounge & Lanes: This gay friendly location has been hosting weddings and receptions since 1999. If you are looking for a location that's fun, and maybe a little unexpected, but yet affordable, maybe this is the location for you. Located in Jamaica Plain, MA. Contact Miranda Webster for pricing and reservations. Phone: 1-617-524-3740.

  • Brandt House Bed And Breakfast: Gay owned and operated this turn-of-the-century colonial mansion is a perfect place for a small wedding. Located in Greenfield, Ma. Contact Kathy Reipold for reservations. Phone: 1-800-235-3329.

  • Rockwood Inn: This location is not gay owned, but is gay friendly. Located in Lenox, Ma. You can contact Amy Lindner-Lesser for more information. Phone: 1-800-223-9750.

  • Tirrell Room: This beautiful location is perfect for outdoor weddings. Located right outside Boston these is an ideal location. Located in Quincy, Ma. Contact Carey Barret-Allan for pricing and reservations. Phone 1-617-847-6149.