Vermont Wedding Locations

Gay Wedding Locations In The State Of Vermont

Vermont is one of the few states in the union who give same-sex couples some rights. In 2000, Vermont was one of the few states which started offering gay couples certain rights. Gay civil unions are allowed in the state of Vermont. Vermont's current law defines marriage as between a man and a woman.

What benefits come with a gay civil union in Vermont? Listedbelow are some of the benefits of having a civil union

  • Mutual financial support: Just like married people in the state, Parties to a civil union shall be responsible for the support of one another.
  • Domestic relations law: The law of domestic relations, including annulment, divorce or seperation, child support and custody, and property division and maintenance, adoption, and spousal abuse shall apply to parties to a civil union.
  • Laws regarding child custody and support: The rights of the parents in regard to the child, who havebecame natural parents during the civil union, will apply as if it was a marriage.

The laws for civil unions are more. Above was a few examples of some of the rights same sex couples have. For a full list of gays civil union rights, please visit Vermonts Secretary of State.

With Vermont showing more, and more equality for all their citizens, a lot of locations to perform a legal civil union, or commitment ceremony have popped up in the state. Below are listed some of these locations.

  • Lori J. Nelson: As a justice of the peace, Lori understands all the aspects of creating the perfect ceremony. She serves southern Vermont and can assist in help with finding or securing any location within southern Vermont. Located in Brattleboro, VT. Contact Lori J. Nelson for reservations. Phone: 1-802-254-2960