Oklahoma Wedding Locations

Gay Wedding Locations In The State Of Oklahoma

Oklahoma like so many other states, recently added a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriages. But, on Friday, May 19th, 2006, US District Court Judge Robin Cauthron struck down parts on a gay adoption ban that was written into the states constitution. Stating, "The very fact that the adoptions have occurred is evidence that a court of law has found the adoptions to be in the best interests of the children... To now attempt to strip a child of one of his or her parents seems far removed from the statute’s purpose and therefore from Defendants’ asserted important government objective.".

Although there is some form of a gay marriage ban in Oklahoma, there are still some locations to have a beautiful commitment ceremony. Listed below are some of these locations.

  • Unfortunately, due to the strong conservative strangle hold that is on this state, there is no available data for any kind of gay wedding, or commitment ceremony locations, anywhere in the state of Oklahoma. If you feel that making some Oklahoma residents second class citizens wrong, may I suggest you contact the local American Civil Liberties Union of Oklahoma. I also suggest not spending a dime in tourism dollars in this state. Show them ignorance can be costly.