Ohio Wedding Locations

Gay Wedding Locations In The State Of Ohio

Ohio, like many other states did pass a new constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. Although this ban on gay marriage did pass, private ran companies and universities from offering same-sex benefits. Even domestic registries have not been affected by this new amendment. Cleveland Heights, which instituted a domestic partnership registry last year that is funded by the couples, is not barred from continuing its registry.

Although the not so bright people did vote Bush in for a another term, and are ignorant enough to make some of their citizens second class, there are still locations in this state where you can have a beautiful commitment ceremony. Below are listed some of these locations.

  • Gwynpriodas Event Planning and Wedding Consultation: This gay friendly company offers you every benefit as a traditional wedding. Including, planning and performing your wedding, or commitment ceremony. With the experience in traditional, and civil unions, this is one of the better choices in the greater Cincinnati Area. Located in Williamstown, KY. and Southgate, KY. Contact Gwynpriodas Event Planning for pricing and availability. Phone: 1-859-448-0222 or 1-859-824-7675.

  • Rev. Richard P. Young: Reverend Young is an openly gay. So he knows how important and special your ceremony is. He is very open to the style and type of ceremony you are looking for. He wants it to reflect your love for one another and your beliefs. Located in Kettering, OH. Contact Rev. Richard P. Young for pricing and reservations. Phone 1-937-434-1108.