North Carolina Wedding Locations

Gay Wedding Locations In The State Of North Carolina

For the third straight year in a row, a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage has failed in North Carolina. The states legislature adjourned its 2006 session without voting on the bill. This shows that even southern states, have some leaders that have common sense. It goes to show the values of their elected leaders, that they spent more time on real issues, like welfare, minimum wage, and not on legislature that promotes hate and bigotry. The Defense of Marriage Act is written into the states law.

Although it technically is not legal to marry in North Carolina, listed below are some great gay friendly wedding locations, for you to have a lovely commitment ceremony.

  • Compassionate Expressions Mountain Inn: Lesbian owned and operated this Inn is for you. Commitment ceremony packages are available on this 40 acre retreat. Indoor or outdoor, perfect for different sized weddings. Located in Leicester, NC. Contact Reva or Lenora for pricing. Phone: 1-828-683-6633.

  • Your Unique Ceremony: Joan Kahn-Schneider an award winning gay rights activist, has been performing gay marriages and ceremonies now for over 20 years. Let her help you make you event the event of a lifetime. Located in Hendersonville, North Carolina. Contact Joan Kahn-Schneider for availability and pricing information. Phone: 1-828-692-6300.

  • Rev. Dr. M. Maureen Killoran Rev. Killoran has also had over 20 years of experience in planning and performing marriages. Gay friendly she welcomes everyone, and turns no couples away, because of sexual orientation. Located in Hendersonville, NC. Contact Rev. Dr. M. Maureen Killoran for pricing and reservations. Phone: 1-828-697-2872.

  • Bend of Ivy Lodge: Nestled on 63 acres, this lodge is a perfect hide away, for a nice small private ceremony. Gay friendly, this lodge can help you plan your big event. Located in Marshall, NC. Contact Walker Silsbee for reservations and packages. Phone: 1-828-645-0505.