New York Wedding Locations

Gay Wedding Locations In The State Of New York

New York was a hot bed for gay activists, as a ruling from the New York Supreme Court that states 97 year old law defining marriage. Gay activists were asking the courts to throw out the law, stating that it was unconstitutional. Two lower courts agreed and it set the stage for the Supreme Court to make a decision.

Well on July 26th, 2006 the ruling came down. The 97 year old law will stand. The justices voted 4-2 that gays fundamental rights have not been violated by the law.

Although it is not yet legal for gay couples to marry in New York, there are still some lovely locations in the state to have a commitment ceremony. Listed below are some of these locations.

  • Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge: Gay friendly this location is ideal for a large wedding. with a 27,000 square foot banquet space and New York 4th largest ball room. This is an ideal location to hold a ceremony and reception. Located in Brooklyn, NY. Contact Diana Shapiro for pricing and reservations. Phone: 1-718-222-6521.

  • Pastor April Gismondi: Gay friendly Pastor Gismondi offers you a more meaningful wedding or commitment ceremony. From the actual ceremony to the planning, Pastor Gismondi is with you every step of the way. Located in Lindenhurst, New York. Contact Pastor April Gismondi for reservation information. Phone: 1-516-785-4191.

  • Reverend Lynn Keller: Reverend Lynn Keller can Draw from traditional or non-traditional ceremonies, literature, or music. She will perform the ceremony to reflect your wishes and beliefs. A lesbian herself she understands your needs at this special time. Located in Saugerties, NY. Contact Reverend Lynn Keller for availability and pricing. Phone: 1-845-246-9102.