New Hampshire Wedding Locations

Gay Wedding Locations In The State Of New Hampshire

In May of 2006, New Hampshire is one of only 14 states to offer gay couples employee benefits.

They only offered this after a court ordered it. State law bans same-sex marriage and pre-dates DOMA laws. There is a law from 1913 that states New Hampshire does not have to recognize a marriage from another state if it violates its own current law. There was a bill to amend the states constitution, but was defeated in New Hampshire's house (207-125). Current state law does not permit civil unions or marriage for gays and lesbians, nor does the state recognize marriages and civil unions performed out of state.

Although there currently is not any laws permitting same sex marriage in New Hampshire, below are listed some great locations in the state, to have your gay wedding or commitment ceremony.

  • Crestwood Chapel & Pavilion: This lovely location was Crestwood rated the most romantic location by New Hampshire Magazine. Gay friendly they offer a event location very few places can match. Contact Gary O'Neal for reservations. Phone: 1-603-239-6393.

  • Highlands Inn: Since 1985, this lesbian Inn has hosted over 200 gay weddings or civil unions. Often staying at the Inn for their honeymoons. Friendly, and always professional, they promise you a great ceremony. Contact Grace Newman for pricing and reservations. Phone: 1-603-869-3978