Michigan Wedding Locations

Gay Wedding Locations In The State Of Michigan

Michigan has a constitutional amendment, that was voted on in 2004. Although there is a gay marriage ban in the states constitution, a judge did rule, that the state can offer same-sex couples benefits. The judge, Joyce Draganchuk said the purpose of a 2004 constitutional amendment was to ban same-sex marriage and civil unions - not to keep public employers from offering benefits to gay employees. "Health care benefits for a spouse are benefits of employment, not benefits of marriage."

So while there is a ban on gay marriage, at least they are making small strides towards equality in Michigan. Below are listed some locations within Michigan to have a gay wedding or commitment ceremony.

  • Kingsley House: This gay owned business offers you a beautiful ceremony, and location in which to have it. They will design your gay wedding or commitment ceremony around your ideas and beliefs. They do have ordained ministers that perform the ceremonies. Located in Fennville, MI. Contact Dave Drees for pricing and reservation info. Phone: 1-269-561-6425.

  • Rev. Lisa Presley: As a Unitarian Universalist minister, and a lesbian, she is more than honored to be selected to perform services for gay and lesbian couples, who wish to mark this transition in their lives together. Located in Ann Arbor/Detroit Mi. area. Contact Rev. Lisa Presley for pricing and reservations. Email: lpresley@uuma.org

  • Weddings by Craig Cunningham: Craig has been an ordained minister for over 10 years, and promises you a celebration of your love that you wont forget. Located in Kalamazoo, MI. Contact Craig Cunningham for reservation and pricing info. Email: pastor@craigcunningham.net