Louisiana Wedding Locations

Gay Wedding Locations In The State Of Louisiana

In September, 2004, like many states Louisiana voters overwhelmingly voted a gay marriage ban into their states constitution. But, District Judge William Morvant struck down the amendment. Saying, that it was flawed how it was worded. Thankfully there are still bright minds in Kentucky. Also The Defense Of Marriage Act (DOMA) is written into the states constitution, as well as law.

Below is listed some lovely locations within the state of Louisiana that you can have a gay wedding, or commitment ceremony.

  • Venusian Gardens: Originally built as a church, back in 1854, this renovated historic building is gay friendly. With beautiful art work and sculptures, this is a beautiful location for family and friends to join you on your special day. Located in New Orleans, LA. Contact Eric Ehlenberger for pricing and reservations. Phone: 1-504-943-7446.

  • Wonderful Weddings in New Orleans: Charles, gay friendly offers a ceremony, that reflect the beliefs and wishes of the couples love for one another. The occasion should demonstrate how they feel toward each other, reflect the reasons they love each other and bring emphasis to what is important in their union. Located in Kenner, LA. Contact Charles Cross for pricing and reservations. Phone:1-504-461-8133.

  • Rev. Jim VanderWeele: Gay friendly, Jim offers a ceremony of a religious nature, but still one supporting the beliefs and wishes of the couple. He believes it is his mission to serve, support and encourage all people to build a strong and a committed relationship. Located in New Orleans, LA. Contact Rev. Jim VanderWeele for pricing and reservations. Phone: 1-504-486-3626.